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Drip Irrigation Systems

Reduce Water Waste Intelligently

Today, every property owner needs to think greener when it comes to water use around their property. Whether you own a home, business, commercial, or agricultural property, you are probably using too much water to keep your greenery happy. Drip irrigation is an intelligent method to cut back on water use without making your property’s plants run dry by slowing and precisely dripping water directly to the root zone.

At Conserva Irrigation, we offer drip irrigation services and systems to our customers. No matter your property and irrigation needs, we are certain that drip irrigation can help you control water usage.

Drip irrigation systems are most effective for smaller watering areas, like:

  • Planters

  • Hedges

  • Gardens

  • Decorative flowerbeds

How Does Drip Irrigation Work?

Using a specially designed irrigation system comprised mostly of valves and tubing, drip irrigation slowly drips water onto plants, flowers, and sometimes crops. The system is designed to get water right to the roots of plants, rather than spraying it onto leaves, petals, and stems. Some systems use as little as one-fifth of a gallon of water per hour for the average-sized planter or flowerbed. Micro irrigation is a form of drip irrigation, noteworthy due to the especially small tubing used throughout the system that allows for an even slower, more controlled drip.

There are two types of drip irrigation and micro irrigation methods:

  • Surface: The dripline is placed above the ground or rests on the soil, where it drips near the roots. Surface drip irrigation systems can be moved and modified as needed.

  • Subsurface or subterranean: The dripline is buried beneath the soil, sometimes as deep as 12 or so inches. Subsurface drip irrigation is a fantastic way to get water right to the roots of your property’s greenery, but it is more difficult to move and modify due to its subterranean placement.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Why should you let Turf h2o Irrigation help with your property’s drip irrigation system when you already have sprinklers and other irrigation methods in place? Drip irrigation offers up a variety of benefits that you and your property will appreciate.

Drip irrigation helps with the following:

  • Targeted watering: A drip irrigation system places drops of water directly onto a plant and its roots, or even delivers water steadily under the surface. This system virtually eliminates all chances of water evaporating before a plant has a chance to absorb it. Runoff and drift – water flowing off plants or being carried away by the wind, respectively – are also eliminated.

  • Water conservation: Using drip irrigation gives adequate water to your property without using more than a few gallons a day or much less, depending on the size of your property. Help out the environment and get greener with a new drip irrigation system from Turf h2o Irrigation.

  • Utility cost reduction: Of course, helping Mother Nature by using less water also helps out your finances. Less water consumption means smaller water utility bills. If you or your company are looking for ways to cut costs, then you should start by thinking of utilizing drip irrigation where possible around your property.

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