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Mid-Season Inspection

Prepare for the Upcoming Months

Does your lawn struggle to survive the heat of summer? Turf h2o Irrigation offers reliable mid-season inspections to help you maintain your lush landscape. Our mid-season services are critical to the state of both your sprinkler system and your lawn. Even a small leak, maladjusted sprinkler head, or other minor malfunction can result in thousands of gallons of water waste, and that waste can have a detrimental effect on your water bill. It can also cause significant damage to your lawn. By scheduling a mid-season inspection with our expert technicians at Turf h2o, you can avoid the expense and stress of dealing with a damaged sprinkler system.

When we come out to perform your inspection, we’ll:

  • Inspect and adjust all heads upon request

  • Adjust watering times, zone by zone, according to seasonality and root development

  • Flag all problem areas and report them to you

If you have a smart controller, we’ll take a look at it to ensure your lawn is receiving the perfect amount of water. With cutting-edge tools, you can gain better control of your system and cut your water usage by up to 60%! This is one of the best investments on the market if you’re looking to limit your water usage, and Turf h2o would be happy to get it all set up for you.

Maintenance You Can Manage

When it comes to efficient sprinkler systems, Turf h2o Irrigation has no competition. We were founded on the concept of conserving water through properly installed and maintained irrigation systems. No matter what the scope of your issues, you can count on us to get the job done right so you can ensure your system is as reliable and cost-efficient as possible.

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